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Working Papers

School Starting Age, Maternal Depression, and ADHD (with C. Nicoletti and J. Vidiella-Martin)

Elderly, COVID-19 and Informal Care: Evidence from the UK (with J. Madia and F. Moscone)

Paediatric Emergency Admissions and Preventive Care (with. N. Hussein)

Class Influence on Drug Consumption among Teenagers (with L. Crespo and C. Lopez-Mayan)

Immigrant GPs and the effect on the NHS (with G. Khandamiryan and C. Tealdi)

Will more GPs reduce Planned Hospital Admissions? Theory and Evidence for Gatekeeper GPs (with B. McCormick)

The Costs of Fitness to Practise: a study of the Health and Care Professions Council (with S. Redding), HPC WP, 2015

Productivity and Competitiveness in Spain: a new evidence form Social Security Data and SABI, Iza WP, 2013

Heterogeneity across Immigrants in the Spanish Labour Market: Advantage and Disadvantage, UAB WP 12304, 2010

Child-Care and Participation in the Labor Market for Married Women in Mediterranean Countries (with R. Waldmann), Iza WP.3983, 2010 Press coverage: Voxeu.

Gender Pay Gap and Quantile Regression in European Families, Iza WP. 3978, 2009

Selection Bias and Unobservable Heterogeneity applied at the Wage Equation of European Married Women, UAB W.P. 2009